Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Game of Life!

Drum roll please......................"The Game of Life" is now available....................................ONLINE!!!! Can you believe it?! I'm am now going to officially become the most WORTHLESS person at work! Unless you count getting married, having 4 kids, a job, a mansion and winning the Game of Life as the greatest accomplishment of a person's life.....

I used to rock this game with my girlfriends while drinking massive amounts of wine and comparing how many kids we had pegged into the back of our car. Well this online version offers even more fun because if you're tired of getting married to the same old blue or pink piece, you can........drum roll again please........................have a same-sex marriage!!!! Of course this is causing some uproar around the conservative circles, but how fun! Way to spice it up, Life. Way to throw us a curve ball. I just hope I still end up with the mansion!

I've included a link below that will take you to a site where you can play a free trial version. So come on, waste your day away with "The Game of Life" - it is St. Patrick's Day after all.


Quote of the Day: "In all this world, why I do think/ There are five reasons why we drink:/ Good friends,/ Good wine,/ Lest we be dry/ and any other reason why." - Old Irish proverb

One more quote for good measure (it is St. Patty's Day after all): "Work is the curse of the drinking class." - Oscar Wilde

Tidbit for Today: Did you know that St. Patrick was actually not Irish at all? He was British, if you can believe that, and was kidnapped by some (probably drunken) Irishmen in the 15th century and made a slave in Ireland. He later escaped, but he returned to Ireland as a Christian missionary later in his life. Interesting tidbit I thought. HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY!!!


  1. If I get no work done today, I'm totally blaming you.

    (Do you think we can still make this a drinking game?)

  2. OF COURSE! I may go down the street, grab a few green beers and start practicing. : )